77777 Slots


By the name of the slot 77777 it is already clear — lucky number 7 of course! Although it is represented in many casino games, but in this slot machine, Merkur shows you something important.

Interesting Features

Accompanied by profitable 7 juicy fruits that make your mouth water — if you are lucky, you will find 7 hidden ones somewhere in a fruit salad, and you will be rewarded properly!

All kinds of fruit make you think on a hot summer day with a rich vitamin, a refreshing fruit cocktail in hand (from cherry to sour lemon to big watermelon). But don't be distracted by fruits, because even if they are still so tasty, it is much more important to find the seven among them — because it can offer more than their fruit companions! So don't just enjoy a cocktail, but go in search of a lucky number in the Merkur slot!

  • real money;
  • fun;
  • 5 rolls;
  • play line: 5 or 10;
  • autoplay;
  • wild symbol;
  • leader risk and card risk.



She is small, but still OK! Cherry brings you three times more than 5 times, four times, 20 times, and five times, even 50 times — so don't underestimate it.


Here you get three or more sour lemons that are guaranteed to bring you big profit.


This is similar to lemon citrus, so they are very similar in slot machines. With three or four pieces on the reels, they bring you the same amount of money, and only five of these varieties are more valuable.


Plums always taste good — it doesn't matter if they are clean or on the cake — but you are more than happy to have them in your buns, because they bring you big profits and replenish your bill.


Many small berries can be processed not only to a delicious grape juice or wine, but also for big money! In the Merkur hot slot machine, even 200 times usage is possible — so you like it much better.


A big, big watermelon is very refreshing, especially in summer, but at 77777 it delivers a lot of pleasure throughout the year, because it fills your wallet up to €1.000!


This super hot slot is dedicated only to the magic happy number 7, because you have a chance to win the grand prize, which corresponds to the name of the game five times more than 7 and gives you, depending on the application, up to €10,000.

Rules and features

The slot machine is definitely a game for everyone, because 77777 is suitable for both gambling professionals and all newbies in a casino with its simple structure with 5 reels and additional 5 or 10 paylines. If you now want to catch the seven fruit salad yourself, then be sure to turn off the auto-play function, otherwise the game will start automatically. After a short time, the videos stop again, and you can see how high your profit is. However, it is always rated left to right, which makes it all the more exciting.

Of course, how much you actually win depends not only on the cost of the symbols and their number, what you can read in the paytable, but also on the rate you previously made, which can be at least 5 cents and not more than 20 Euros. In addition, there is a lucky number of 7 and some additional features that again significantly increase your profits.


The chances of winning

Because of 77777 is just a simple fruit slot, which has not much to offer — on the contrary, just the odds can really be seen, because the payout is here much higher than in stationary casinos.

But that is far from the only reason to try out the slot machines, because the typical for Mercury risk functions are of course back from the game and multiply with a little luck you use again tremendous. On the one hand, there are the risk leaders and, on the other hand, the card risk, whereby you can increase your profit up to €140 — as long as you catch the right moment or bet on the right suit, otherwise everything is unfortunately lost again. But then maybe with a bit of luck the 7 will help you out of trouble.

History of 77777 slots

Casino MERKUR with more than 300 modern entertainment centers is today the market leader in Germany, as well as active in eight other European countries. The company began its operations in 1974 with more than 700 MERKUR casinos in Germany and abroad.

Company founder Paul Gauselmann opened his first branch in Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony. The development of the first “Spielothek” was one of the most significant milestones in the history of Gauselmann. With the concept of design that meets the standards of a four-star hotel, the branches were already clearly different from the usual slot machines. Since then, Paul Gauselmann is considered the “inventor” of the modern site. Factors such as a first-class atmosphere, an excellent selection of games, excellent service and qualified personnel make the MERKUR casino of the Gauselmann group the most popular in Germany.

This outstanding reputation is also backed up by recent awards: Die Welt honored MERKUR Casino 2013 with the title “Service Champion”. After 2015, 2016 and 2017, FOCUS magazine in 2018 again received the title of “Best National Employer”. This makes MERKUR Casino still one of the top 1000 employers in Germany and Europe. In addition, for the third time in a row, MERKUR Casino 2018 was recognized by the FOCUS-MONEY business magazine as “the most popular destination in Germany”. Casino MERKUR confidently ranks first in the overall rating, and each of them has the best rating “very good” in the categories “respectability”, “game offer”, “service”, “personnel” and “atmosphere”.

Since 2008, the company has been learning a new industry profile. The apprenticeship "Automatenfachmann / -frau - Automatomatenendienstleistung" was introduced on the initiative of Paul Gauselmann after many years of work.


Don't lose sight of the magic seven with so many tasty fruits, because it provides the maximum profit! But also there are other profit opportunities and risk functions in Slot 77777 can really be seen and again significantly increased voltage. If there are any additional questions, customer service is at your disposal and will take care of your request. So let's look for the lucky number 7 in the fruit salad!